Ideation : imagining a solution

Problem :  Get people to take more interest in local towns
Solution :  Custom, interactive, gamelike experience with a scenario based within local towns.
Features :  

  • Multi language – to allow tourists as well as locals
  • Custom illustrations/animations based on local town features such as prominent buildings and other landmark features
  • Overarching fictional narrative with multiple outcomes based on player decisions
  • Engagement with areas of the town as part of gameplay
  • Geo based Augmented reality features
  • Gamification techniques to keep players engaged.
  • Short version for short stay tourists
  • Multiple missions, each with their own subplots which tie into the overarching narrative

The aim would be to create a ‘Pilot’ version of the interactive experience at a local town, to which I have easy access and which I know well.
I would be looking to pitch the pilot to the local population as well as the tourist board and local newspaper.
If I can demonstrate an interest in the pilot app I would seek to raise funds via crowdsourcing or similar for further versions in other medium sized towns.
The uniqueness of the product would be largely taken from the town-level specificity. Most apps are generalised and although some geocentered games like Pokemon Go and Ingress have local elements, they are notpurposely created to a local level – the features of Ingress, for example, don’t really go beyond the level of what google maps offers – i.e. my idea would seek to be a much more personal and less objective interaction with the local environment.
Much will count on the quality of the visual work – the illustrations/animations as well as the creativity and strength of the storytelling/narrative.
If done well, the artistic merit of these elements, will initself, constitute a strong unique selling point in the way that a new graphic novel or board game does.
I have contacts in publishing/illustration as well as acting who I may be able to involve. This could allow me to focus on the content and the technical development – particularly if I can delegate the illustration – however this would have to be carefuly negotiated as the artistic quality will be of crucial importance.
The main app would be build with Flutter to ensure a faster pathway to cross platform publication.Some elements, such as AR features may require companion apps, if they are not feasable within Flutter. But this could be handledcreatively –  for example, standalone apps with a single purpose like a ‘police radio’ app for a detective theme or a ‘scanner’ app for a sci-fi theme.
This needs a lot of thought and consideration. I need to look closely at graphic novel, narrative board game genres; but obvious themesinclude: 

  • detective / spy
  • cyberpunk / scifi
  • romance
  • surreal
  • horror

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