Conceptual Design

I am currently working on a conceptual design document inspired by BJ Fogg, founder, and director of the Stanford Behavior Design Lab.

I am looking to emulate the graphical feeland mood of classic film noir as much as possible; studying posters and film titles from the era (1930s – 1950’s) and within this genre.

Product Title

The title for my product is Noirscape. This is a term often used to describe a typical cityscape, townscape or even interiorscape that carries the mood and feel of Film Noir. My concept involves spatialised narrative and is also inspired by my own enjoyment of ‘escape’ games. Thus, Noirscape, is a title that can be interpreted in the sense describe above – a Noirscape (a type of place) or as Noir[e]scape (Noir Escape).

Branding – boxset label

Product Format

The concept is primarily an app based experience. However, it will be sold as a boxed product. The box will include a number of elements which form part of this experience – a mysterious bundle including an old newspaper clipping, an ID card which is used to acivate the app aswell as provide hints during the game via it’s NFC (Near-field Communication) functionality and several other items, pencil, notebook and a set of abstract puzzle pieces. I have used 3d software to create an early concept design of what this might look like.

Early Concept Design for Noirscape

Industry Design

I created a simple visual to convey what form this concept will take from a user’s perspective. Although, this is a boxed product, the main experience will by via a smartphone’s innovative features including GPS anchors, immersive 360 degree video with special effects as well as the NFC feature described earlier.

“Getting this visual into people’s heads early helps them start thinking about your concept in concrete ways”

BJ Fogg, pp 203


I have begun building a user story board to illustrate the user experience in a step by step manner. Rather than use doodles, I decided to make use of my Photoshop skills combined with 3D object design and renderings to produce a photo-montage type story.

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