A Conceptual Interactive & Spatialised Narrative Design – Part 1

Design Challenge

To design an immersive and interactive smartphone application using 360 video and GPS to send users on a film noir themed investigation into the physical space of their local town.


Persuasive Purpose

  • To incite people to engage with the narrative of spaces and places of their town.
  • To encourage them to visit their town centre.
  • To promote physical excercise through walking and exploring.

Industrial Design

Noirscape is a physical boxed product that includes several items for gameplay as well as a GPS/AR smartphone application.

People at the mall

Type of Person

Residents who frequent less, or not at all, their local town; instead, favouring peripheral commercial centers and who are therefore rapidly losing contact with their local town’s character, economic & heritage value.

They are likely:

  • Ages 20 – 60
  • Active Smartphone users
  • Suburban
  • Comfortable with technology
  • Yearning for adventure

Persona 1 – Product Consumer

young man bringing groceries home

Kevin Rousseau

  • Age 25
  • Office Worker
  • Earns €3k per month
  • Single

“I seem to spend my whole life shopping, at work or sleeping”

Kevin Rousseau

“I hear there’s a new bar opened in town but I haven’t been down the high street for ages”

Kevin Rousseau

“I’d take a walk around town this weekend; but, no one else will join me”

Kevin Rousseau

Persona 2 – Product Retailer

young woman sitting on couch studying using the phone

Julie Liebereau

  • Age 29
  • Business Owner
  • Earns €4k per month
  • Sells Board Games
  • In a couple

“I’d love the opportunity to work with a local designer and cut out the middle-man”

Julie Liebereau

“I sometimes feel like I’m just selling fancy boxes. There’s so much scope for something new & innovative on the board game scene”

Julie Liebereau

“I love the idea of something local with a bespoke feel.”

Julie Liebereau

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