Adobe Workshops

Over the last nine months I’ve taken a number of intenstive Adobe workshops, each of which culminating in an exam and if passed, recognition as an Adobe Certified Associate in the related software and field of practice (video, graphics, etc).

Although I’ve been using Adobe software for many years, my last formal training was almost two decades ago! However, with respect to my creative app development I felt I needed to become more aqainted with Photoshop and Illustrator for editing and producing original artwork and Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for video editing and animation.

While I had used P¨hotoshop and Illustrator for along time, I learned heaps of new techniques and features I had totally unaware of as well the the great emphasis on non-destructive editing which is a key feature of the Adobe approach. It allows designers to import lots of assets into a project and manipulate them without altering the source files. This provide great flexibility for testing ideas and rolling back if required, saving groups of effects and loads, loads more.

Examples From Workshop

The After Effects and Premier Pro workshops were of particular interest and importance to me in respect to my creative use of 360 video in Noirscape. Aswell as for creating in-app animations. Although the workshop didn’t actually cover 360 editing it did allow me to understand the general workflow and controls of these two quite complex editing products.

After Effects animations applied to video
After Affects Workshop Task
Multi cam direction/editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Over the course of 2020 I attained five Adobe Associate Certificates and two Professional Certificates in Visual and Video Design.

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