ARCore with Flutter Tests

In order to get to the bottom of the issues I have been experiencing with ArCore for Flutter I decided to test and document different combinations of factors. Given that there is a multitude of possible test cases with different types of 3d object file, different versions of Sceneform and heaps of other stuff; I wanted to test each case one by one and record my findings, as I’m convinved this is doable with Flutter and ARCore.

V1.15 Gradle

implementation ''
implementation ''
implementation ''implementation ''

Tests with KhronoGroup Duck model

  1. Test GLTF with Draco encrypted

Remote glb (github) : no (causes app to crash)

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x4

  1. Test Binary GLB

Remote glb (github) : no , not renderable

E/ModelRenderable( 8021): Unable to load Renderable registryId=''

  1. Test Embedded gltf

Remote glb (github) : no, can’t load embeeded uri’s

Error : FileNotFoundException
Possible Solution : PR for embedded base64 extraction?

4. Test Quantized gltf

Remote glb (github) : no, fails silently

5. Test Original Format gltf
Remote glb (github) : yes, WORKS!

6. Test Original Format gltf (alternative model)

Remote glb (github) : no, fails silently

Info from library : I/com.difrancescogianmarco.arcore_flutter_plugin.ArCoreView( 8021):  addArCoreNode


Test in source code of Flutter ARcore for silent exceptions to understand why test 6 fails when it is the same format as test 5 which passes.I turned on debugging in the flutter library (it is a property of the controller but marked as final so not manageable from the app level). and… the 3d object appeared! WIthout explantion at this stage. I was expecting a fail and some useful debugging info, but it suddenly works and its quite a relief to see a decent detailed 3d object in AR in Flutter (that isn’t a rubber duck!).

The only additional debug during this test:

I/com.difrancescogianmarco.arcore_flutter_plugin.ArCoreView( 8021):  addArCoreNodeI/com.difrancescogianmarco.arcore_flutter_plugin.ArCoreView( 8021): addNodeWithAnchor inserted testI/com.difrancescogianmarco.arcore_flutter_plugin.ArCoreView( 8021): addNodeToSceneWithGeometry: NOT PARENT_NODE_NAME

7. Test another alternative remote gltf in debug mode

Fails silently.

Disapointing because the previous alternative with debug mode on loaded ok.

I’ve tested some custom objects, as well as one which I converted myself from an obj format. And on the whole they work. Some are slow due to download speeds; but this is potentially resolved if I can use a localhost.

However, with one example there are persistent cache related errors that I may need to look into.
Caused by: /data/user/0/dev.matwright.noirscape/cache/1612617961633-0/textures/Material.001_baseColor.jpeg: open failed: ENOENT (No such file or directory)

Whereby no textures are found within the cache directory. I suspect this is dev related though, and I’ll come back to this particular model to retest that probability.

In terms of download speed, I can also reduce the sizes of textures. There is plenty of room for reduction for use on a mobile screen.

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