AR Gamification : snaps

Finding hidden objects in an augmented reality [AR] experience is fun; especially when the items have interactive qualities which trigger new content, clues and narrrative. Furthermore, given the quality of 3D assets, AR lighting, shadow and reflection prediction and generation; coupled with a the Noirscape black & white filter, it’s a great little feature to be able to capture an augmented view within the home and share with others on social media or messaging.

The user may take a picture of their AR Scene and/or re position the object to their liking
The user then reframes the image to their liking.

The Noirscape snap can be shared across social media or installed apps using the device’s native Share API
The image is now used within the app’s inventory for current user and may be shared to social media.

The functionality allow the participant to to take an AR photo snap of their new found fictional objects withing the realworld space of their home. The image can then be shared on social media or sent to a recipient using the device’s sharing API. This provides content for the user to share, a memory from the experience and marketing value for the app brand.

Noirscape AR shot shared to Twitter from within the App

In the above image, the dots which represent the AR Plane object (the horizontal plane detected in the real environment). Using the the Flutter ArCore package, there was no way to hide these once the AR object had been placed and it spoils the photograph somewhat. Fortunately I was able to fork the main package and add the functionality and send over a pull release request to the main package maintainer. So, I am now able to hide these dots just prior to takeing the capture.

One of the advantages of Flutter is the great community and the opportunity for contributing to packages.

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